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Did the Vikings Really Wear Horned Helmets?

We always imagine the Vikings as fierce nordic warriors, equipped with heavy iron axes and wearing the unmistakable  horned helmets. However, no historical evidence suggests that the Vikings actually used such helmets in combat.

File:Leif Ericson on the shore of Vinland.gif

Leif Eriksson on the shore of newly discovered Vinland(Newfoundland)

The practice of burying the dead war heroes with their weapons and armor has left modern archaeologists with plenty of evidence about the Viking culture and lifestyle. However, only few horned helmets have been ever found in Viking burial mounds.

Historical sources suggest, that priests among the Celtic and Norse peoples did wear helmets equipped with horns (sometimes also with wings), during the most of religious ceremonies, however, they were never used in combat. The modern image of Viking in a horned helmet dates back to the 19.th century, when people like Gustav Malmström and Richard Wagner included the horned headgear in their works for the first time.


Painting of a Viking ship

No sane Viking warrior would ever wear a horned helmet in battle – they weren’t that stupid. Helmets with horns would be very impractical in combat, likely ending entangled in a tree branches or embedded in a shield. In addition, enemies could use the horns as a great handhold while slitting the Viking warrior’s throat.


Napoleon Bonaparte

Was Napoleon Bonaparte Really So Short?

Because of numerous paintings, movies and cartoons, we often imagine Napoleon Bonaparte as unusually short man, even when compared to his contemporaries. However, the myth that Napoleon was short stems primarily from the fact that he was measured 5 feet 2 inches few years before his death. However, this was his height in  French feet and french inches, which were little bit larger than imperial units.

Napoleon Bonaparte

In modern units, Napoleon was actually 5 feet 7 inches tall. When compared to average height in today’s France, it really isn’t much, however, in 19.th century, average male height was less than 5 feet 5 inches. That means Napoleon Bonaparte was actually quite tall for his time.

Although Napoleon was sometimes considered short even during his lifetime, this stems solely from the fact that he was always accompanied by bodyguards, who had to be taller than the average. When compared to his guards, he logically looked smaller, thus earning him the nickname ”The Little Corporal”.