Top 5 Reasons 9/11 Was NOT an Inside Job!

On September 11, 2001, at 8:45 a.m. during a clear Tuesday morning, 19 terrorists associated with the Islamic millitant group of Al-Qaeda hijacked 4 aircrafts and carried out suicide attacks against the Twin Towers of WTC and Pentagon. Often referred to as 9/11, these horrible attacks resulted in widespread death and destruction, triggering many subsequent American initiatives to combat terrorism. More than 3,000 people died during the attacks in the NY City and Washington, D.C., including more than 500 firefighters and police officers.


September 11 attacks, short time after the South Tower was struck by an hijacked airplane

However, just after the attacks, a lot of people started to question many of the alleged ”inconsistencies” in the official conclusions and reports, leading to dozens of conspiracy theories, which question the official nature and motive of the 9/11. In this article, we are going to look on 5 of the most frequent arguments for the alleged ”inside job”, and disprove them step-by-step, using the available evidence.

1.Fires from Kerosene are not hot enough to melt steel.

According to this argument, frequently cited by the people who think 9/11 was an inside job, the kerosene fires, with temperatures well below the melting point of construction steel(2750 °F), would be definitely not capable of severely damaging the steel framework of the Twin Towers, and therefore causing them to collapse.

Hijacked airplane approaching the South Tower

However, in reality, it is more than enough. Although jet fuel burns only at about 1517 °F, it doesn’t have to burn hot enough to melt steel to cause the buildings to collapse, since steel loses 50% of its strength just at 1200 °F, and 90% at 1800°F

In addition, the fact which is often ignored, most of the airplanes contain large amounts of aircraft aluminium, a mixture of aluminium and magnesium, in their wings. Magnesium does burn at 5610 degrees, which is more then enough to melt even the most durable of of steels, in fact, magnesium fire is hot enough to actually vaporize most of the metals, including construction steel!

As professor Forman Williams notes,”The jet fuel was only the ignition source. It burned for maybe 10 minutes, and the Twin Towers were still standing after 10 minutes. However, the rest of the stuff that burned afterwards was responsible for the sustained heat that eventually brought the Towers down.”

It is true, that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were designed to withstand the impact of any major passenger jet. And actually, they did. It was not the impact, that destroyed the Towers, in reality, Twin Towers were brought down by subsequent fires.

2. The Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a commercial plane. Nobody saw any aeroplane approaching the Pentagon.

According to this widely known argument, hole in the wall of Pentagon was far too small to have been made by a Boeing 757 crash. Because of that, many conspiracy theoretics conclude, that the Pentagon was struck by a guided missile.

File:Aerial view of the Pentagon during rescue operations post-September 11 attack.JPEG

Aerial view of the Flight 77 crash aftermath

However, the truth is much more prosaic. A crashing jet never punches a cartoon-like outline of itself into a concrete building. In the case of Pentagon, aircraft allegedly crashed in sharp angle, with one wing hitting the ground, and other being destroyed by the impact to the Pentagon’s main columns. According to further simulations, rest of the plane was simply assimilated to the concrete structure, after the crash.

According to available reports, there were more than 120 eyewitnesses who saw a large jet approaching the Pentagon. Many of them reported that it was an American Airlines jet, and that the noise of the aircraft was exteremely loud. No witnesses at all reported sighting a military aircraft or guided missile.


Aftermath of the Flight 77 crash to the Pentagon, with aircraft debris scattered around

Conspiracy theorists often insist there was no aircraft debris left at the Pentagon. However, evidence suggest otherwise. There was a lot of various airplane debris scattered around the crash site, including parts of the aircraft body, engine rotor, and remnants of the gear. In addition, Boeing 757’s black box was found few hours after the crash.

3. The mysterious collapse of World Trade Center Building 7

Seven hours after the Twin Towers collapsed, the 47-story high WTC 7 followed. According to many conspiracy theorists, the videotapes of the collapse clearly show, that it was not a collapse caused by a fire, but rather a controlled demolition.


Collapse of the WTC 7

However, in reality, the Building 7 was at first damaged by falling debris, and then the building endured a fire that raged for more than 7 hours(!). According to NIST research, before the collapse of WTC 7, there was already a serious physical damage to the south face of the building. “On about one third of the south face to the center and to the bottom, on more than 10 stories, about one quarter of the depth of the building was scooped out after the Twin Towers collapsed.”

In addition, subsequently to the collapse of Twin Towers, a fifth-floor fire in the central part of WTC 7 was ignited by the debris, and burned for at least 7 hours. Because of the irreversible damage caused by the fire, WTC 7 then collapsed from the inside. Building 7 may have withstood the physical damage or the fires that burned for hours separately, but the combination of the both factors, when applied to the building’s unusual construction, was enough to start the chain-reaction collapse.

For more insight into the WTC 7 collapse, check out the Debunking911.com

4. There were traces of thermite found in the ruins of WTC

According to alleged evidence, traces of thermite, a mixture of rust and powder zinc, which burns at extremely high temperatures, were found in the ruins, indicating the controlled demolition.


9/11 ground zero. Note the steel column, which appears as it has been cut.

In this photo of the WTC ruins, we can see a steel column, which appears as it has been cut. Conspiracy theorists claim that it is impossible to create such a cut by a welding tool, and that it was designed to make the building fall. They also claim that the yellow substance on the side of the column is residue from a thermite reaction, which cut the column before the buildings collapsed.

If we examine these claims closely, we will quickly come to a conclusion that termite was definitely not used to bring the Twin Towers down. At first, the photo above was made on 10/9, nearly one month after the 9/11 attacks. At the time, cleanup of the debris was more than two weeks underway, and it is very likely that the column above was cut by workers cleaning up the ground zero.

Thermite in general makes an irregular hole with many drips and blobs of molten metal around. It is not capable of making clean cuts in any way, in contrast with metal welding. The yellow smoke and residue is often left after gas welding, and it has nothing to do with thermite. In comparison, thermite residue is always black colour, sometimes with slight tones of red.

5. During the collapse of the Twin Towers, puffs of dust and debris were ejected from the sides of the buildings.

When we look closely on the videotapes of the Twin Towers collapsing, we can notice that there were several isolated ejections of dust and debris from the Towers during their collapse. Conspiracy theoretics often consider this to be one of the most direct pieces of evidence for the controlled demolition of the Towers.


Collapse of the WTC South Tower. Note the puff of dust on its left side

This argument can be easily refuted in many different ways. Like the vast majority of other office buildings, the Twin Towers were mostly composed of air. After the Towers started to collapse, upper floors were gradually falling on the lower, creating a pancake effect. During the collapse, small geysers of concrete dust were ejected from the opened office windows in the lower floors, because of the pressurized air.

The built-up air pressure during the collapse of Twin Towers was maybe not enough to blast windows, but it was definitely sufficient enough to blow the pulverized concrete out of the windows which had been already opened.


WTC North Tower collapsing

In addition to that, somebody would definitely notice the massive amounts of explosives being brought to the Twin Towers before the explosions. It would be extremely unpractical, and the sheer amount of people working in the Twin Towers every day makes this scenario virtually impossible. In addition, to wire the Towers with explosives, US Government would need to hire hundreds of people to do the job. Possibility of unwanted information leaks would be extreme.

However, even with the ”inside job” theory being blown to pieces, there is still a small possibility that US Government was really behind the 9/11 attacks. It is not very likely, but they could have a wide variety of political and economic motives to destroy the Twin Towers. In reality, no guided missiles, explosives or thermite are needed, hiring a group of terrorists to do the dirty work for them would be more than enough. 

As famous English writer Alan Moore once said, “The most important thing that I have ever learned about the conspiracy theories, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting for them. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. Not the Jewish banks, The Illuminati, and not even the Grey Aliens are in control.
The truth is far more frightening – nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.”


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons 9/11 Was NOT an Inside Job!”

  1. You missed a couple of really important things.

    1. The plane fuel and material burned only on a couple of floors, so it could possibly not have damaged the entire structure of the two towers. Still the entire structure was pulverized to dust and it came down in freefall speed. If the structure was damaged by the burning magnesium and plane aluminium that would only be the case on the impact floors and not on the floors below that. Yet the entire tower simply collapsed looking like the much smaller top part crushes the bottom part. Simple laws of physics show that the top part of the tower will not have the strength to pulverize the bottom part all the way down, but that did happen… So what’s with that?

    2. The Pentagon was not a missile, I agree with you on that. It was clearly a plane and all evidence points to that.

    3. There are only two photographs that can support the NIST report on WTC 7 and on those images minor damage to on bottom corner and a small part of the outer wall, but none of those images show any sign of the size of damage described in the NIST report. Now let’s just say that the NIST report is the truth and that WTC 7 was severely damaged on the bottom corner. That means we have an asymmetrical damage pattern and everybody who knows a bit about not only building structures but also the laws of physics and nature you can conclude that after such an asymmetrical damage pattern it’s almost impossible for a building to collapse in a symmetrical way, yet that is what happened. This not only applies to WTC 7, but also to both towers who also had a asymmetrical damage pattern, yet with such a small chance of a symmetric collapse all three buildings did just that. So you tell me to believe the official NIST report even though that report questions the laws of physics and nature?

    4. Sure, that steel column has not been cut with thermite, it was probably just some workers who did this, but that whole part of your story does not prove that thermite was NOT found. Multiple sources who collected dust and debris from the WTC collapse have send those samples to independent investigation laboratories who did their own research. They found a high amount of small silver colored spheres with a size of only 1 to a few nanometers in diameter. Those spheres are so perfectly round they don’t exist in nature, so how did they got in the WTC dust? Well those silver spheres are actually a residue material after you burn nano-thermite or super-thermite which is a military grade explosion used only by the US government. In addition to that last month researches showed images of WTC debris and dust in which they have found leftover undetonated pieces of super-thermite that should not be there. So tell me, how did a military grade explosive ended up in such high amounts in the WTC debris?

    5. Let me take your last statement:

    “In addition to that, somebody would definitely notice the massive amounts of explosives being brought to the Twin Towers before the explosions. It would be extremely unpractical, and the sheer amount of people working in the Twin Towers every day makes this scenario virtually impossible. In addition, to wire the Towers with explosives, US Government would need to hire hundreds of people to do the job. Possibility of unwanted information leaks would be extreme.”

    Demolition experts have already shared their thoughts on this and they have made one conclusion. To bring a building of that size down they need something stronger than the explosives they use today, something which releases a much higher amount of heat and energy. But if they had such explosive devices (super-thermite?) than they wouldn’t have had to wire every floor of the building, just every second floor would’ve been more than enough to bring a building of that size down without any problems.

    So let’s look at thermite explosives, what are they. Thermite explosive devices are very portable and can be installed very quickly when they are prepared elsewhere. If packed in special boxes of some kind then nobody would even think it’s suspicious when seeing them and they could easily be transported into the building. Then we have the reports about the white vans that have been seen every night in the three weeks before the attack, those vans came to the WTC every night for three weeks, outside of the office hours. If explosive devices had to be transported into a building of this size, night would be the best time to do so.

    The experts also said that under these conditions they could rig one tower in under a week during night-time with a team of 20 workers, if they skip more floors it would take even less time. Double the amount of experts involved and it will take even less time. The fact that this has been said by demolition experts who have been working in the industry for years shows that we simply can’t ignore that fact.

    I’m not attacking you personally, I’m just saying that most of the information and facts in this post can easily be proven to be not true. The NIST report was made by an government investigation team, now if there is a rumor that it might be the government itself who had something to do with the attacks than how can you simply take the NIST report as the truth, I mean come on… I’ve read the NIST report and all the other independent reports and to be honest the NIST report only created more questions for me, while the independent reports show much more solid facts to prove their theories. Meanwhile experts and scientists have shown multiple parts of the NIST report to be scientifically impossible, while those same reports bring up their findings combined with solid arguments and facts to prove their truth. I just can not base my opinion on just the NIST report alone, especially not when there is a big lead to show that the US might be involved in this whole bizarre thing that took place. If those that take the NIST report as the truth, then I strongly believe that those people are narrow minded and incapable of doing some more investigation of their own before jumping to any conclusions.

    Damn that was a long post, but it’s worth it.

    1. Damn right it’s worth it, I wanted to add a very important fact in point 2 that the plane could not have entered in a sharp angle because there were light posts that had been knocked down by the plane on the streets facing the pentagon.
      That makes the only possible angle be on the face of the building that is unless the pilot made some sweet maneuvers beforehand that are impossible, then I’d believe the sharp angle theory.
      It will always be a theory but at least mine has physical proof the light posts and since all video footage of the crash got confiscated OP won’t have any evidence for his assertion nor does he seem to want evidence as you have kindly supplied him with what is well known to be true .
      Also that the video footage got confiscated never to be seen again is a fact that should tell people there are traitors hiding vital information from them, but apparently that isn’t convincing many which I find absurd.

  2. This guy is clearly a Gov stooge. He makes no attempt to look at all the evidence, simply picks the things easiest to debunk and goes after them. I was a complete skeptic, but the more videos I see about this event, the less I am inclined to believe the Gov version! Not that they ever tell the truth about anything! Whatever account they give you about anything, is more or less guaranteed to be a lie for one reason or anoth!

  3. I agree. There was no conspiracy. We got caught sleeping at the switch and paid for our arrogance, complacency, and lack of diligence with the horrific murders of over 3000 of our citizens.

  4. I have researched this topic for a while now and I have came to the conclusion this was not an ‘inside job’ many people claim bombs were put in the building etc etc.. if i were to see men with bombs in the building I’m sure someone in their right mind would speak up. Others say this was to find an excuse to go to war with terrorist. This is not the case because they actually did attack us which ultimately caused us to declare war. Maybe if they would have done their attacks else where we wouldn’t have declared but they chose to push us to a new level. And last but not least, our government would never do such a thing to the people. Our government and military protect us from evil, we live in a clean environment, there is good education out there, good jobs if you are a smart person. Overall if someone thinks our government is bad i think you should leave the country because America is a great place with great people. Peace!

    1. WOW! Do you get paid to say that stuff or are you really that naive? Firefighters, bystanders, countless people said they heard bombs and saw the lobby blown up, elevators blown, basements blown… are you even trying to research for yourself? The supposed terrorist were from Saudi number 2, Bush even admitted Iraq had nothing to do with 911. Why do people say such naive things without even looking at any facts? You thing the gov wouldn’t do anything evil yet they spray chemicals on you daily and poison your water with fluoride (used in ww2 to kill people) and contaminate your food with genetically modified junk they themselves won’t even eat and causes sickness and death, inject children with mercury and all sorts of damaging things, and allows a foreign corporation to control our money supply and national media where they lie to you daily and manipulate your mind to think what they want you to think while they create crisis and kill innocent civilians to gain public approval to strip them of their Constitutional rights and arms… but they would never do anything evil. lol

  5. And if you believe that bologna, I got some swamp land in NYC to sell ya! He says himself no Jet can punch a cartoon cut out in a building when arguing whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon, and yet believes the cartoon cut out was possible on the towers. Make up your mind! That’s the problem with trying to make un-logical arguments. They fall apart when analyzed. Like arguing a plane can fly at 500 mph at ground level and can take out 4 light polls before disappearing into a round hole without so make as a scratch on the lawn, or the idea that a plane disappears into the towers (indestructible landing gear and all) and yet a paper passport just happens to survive all the fires and float safely to the ground to be found in perfect condition! Who writes this stuff? It’s insanity!

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