Top 10 best fathers in the animal world.

Nature does it right, and the proof of that is these amazing fathers doing all they can to ensure that the next generation can survive. We bring you this exciting list with ten exemplary fathers in the animal world. Find out who are the ones who best protect their young, those who risk their lives for them and who make the most sacrifices.

Of course, you already know some of them, but some will amaze you. If you are a parent, you can understand a lot of these behaviours because parenthood is a condition that applies to humans. Discover curiosities of the animal kingdom with this top 10 of the best fathers of the animal world.


1. Emperor penguin

These impressive birds must have a place on our list because the fathers of this species of penguin’s complete commitment to their young are one of the characteristics that made them famous.

Emperor penguins forgo food and protect a single egg during the ruthless winter season. The females lay the eggs, but it is the fathers who incubate them until they hatch.

Top 10 best fathers in the animal world – 1. emperor penguin

2. Seahorses

Here is another exemplary father who deserves to be on the podium of the best dads in the animal world. And it is that the male seahorses are such good parents that it is THEM who get pregnant.

The female lays the eggs already fertilized in a pocket that the males have to protect the young. Seahorses can carry up to 2,000 eggs with them for ten days. Without a doubt, they are some of the best parents in the animal kingdom.

Top 10 best sires in the animal world – 2.seahorse

3. The owl monkeys

What unique owl monkeys is their work as a father never stops. They help the females, but they are responsible for transporting the babies during the lactation period and sharing the chores of caring and grooming the little ones.

Top 10 best fathers in the animal world – 3. Owl monkeys

4. Giant water bugs

They are not very pleasant to see, but the fact is that the males of this species of water bugs carry their offspring’s eggs on their backs from fertilization until hatching.

The giant water bug is responsible for protecting its offspring by carrying up to 150 eggs on its back. He’s a great dad and deserves a spot in our top 10.

Top 10 best fathers in the animal world – 4.giant water bugs

5. Black-necked swan

Fifth place on our list of the best parents in the animal kingdom is awarded to the black-necked swan. If you’ve ever been able to observe these swans swimming in a lake and have seen the mother carrying her young on her back, well, you are wrong because it is the father.

This species of swans carry their young backs to protect them from predators, cold and other dangers. The male takes care of the nest for a whole year, although his activity as a good father is more intense during the first weeks.

Top 10 best fathers in the animal world – swan

6. Wolf

Ferocious and savage, but fathers of remarkable families. Besides being one of the most loyal animals in the animal kingdom, the grey wolf is also an exemplary father. Not only does he take care of feeding his partner after she gives birth, but he takes care of the young and their training in survival and hunting.

The wolf is a good father and a good partner and ranks sixth on our list of the best fathers in the animal kingdom.

Top 10 best fathers in the animal world – 6.wolf

7. Red fox

Like wolves, the red fox is an exemplary father who does not take care of his offspring directly. He consciously takes care of their survival.

The male red fox is responsible for feeding the family, mother and children, during the first three months. This wonderful father of the animal kingdom must find food every 4-6 hours for all his little family, and it is he who will later teach the youngest to hunt and survive.

Top 10 best fathers in the animal world – 7.the red fox

8. Catfish

Another exemplary father who literally eats his young. The remarkable thing with the fathers of this species of fish to protect their young is that they do so by taking them in their mouths until they are 2 inches long.

Meanwhile, the male catfish survive without eating, so we put it on our list of the animal kingdom’s best dads.

Top 10 best fathers in the animal world – 8.catfish

9. The bullfrog

The bullfrog, or bullfrog, is a model father. In this species, the pregnancy process is quite complicated for the mothers, but once the eggs are fertilized, the fathers protect them in a very original way: they eat them!

The bullfrog protects all of its offspring inside its mouth, which can number as high as 6,000. The best or worst is that when they are ready to come into the world, the male bullfrog “vomits” its. Children transformed into little tadpoles.

Top 10 best fathers in the animal world – 9. the bullfrog

10. Jacanas

Male jacanas do all the work! These Australian birds build nests, incubate eggs and care for chicks. While the female jacanas roam around and mate with as many males as possible, the males act as faithful fathers, even staying by the nest long after the females have left them to migrate. They are even so loyal that they sometimes take care of the eggs fertilized by other males. Getting help for your kids to live on at all costs makes the particular frog bark close our account to the best parents in the animal kingdom.

Top 10 best fathers in the animal world – 10.Jacanas
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