Top 10 shortest-lived insects

Here is a list of ten insects that have the shortest life. Each of them has a little detail that makes it pleasant.


Nuptial flight, ephemeral, a few hours

It only lives a few hours from the moment it is no longer in the larval state lasting three years! During its short life, the mayfly only flies and reproduces in mid-flight. Its wings cannot be folded over its body. It is an ancestral characteristic of this winged insect that appeared around 350 million years ago. It is, therefore, the oldest in the world (still alive) in its category.

The ultra-pest, the gnat, seven days

This insect does not become a fly; let there be no mistake about it. It is also a Diptera, but very small. It is sometimes called a “compost fly” because it is often in the beds and pots of indoor plants that it lays and where its larvae, all-white maggots, develop. The gnat is very invasive, both in the garden and at home. It can be removed with a pyrethrum-based product extracted from chrysanthemum.

A butterfly, Ringworm: 15 days

This insect is a Lepidoptera. Before becoming a butterfly called Cabbage Moth, it is a tiny caterpillar but causes damage in cruciferous plantations. The greedy leaves only the veins of the leaves and delights in the rest.

The house fly: 17 days maximum

shortest-lived insects

It is, in any case, the life expectancy of the male because, as regards the female, it can live up to 21 days. This insect is not liked because it carries viruses, microbes and transmits diseases. The fly must still be granted the fact that it participates in the elimination of organic waste in sewers and landfills. The problem is that in the process, it comes to our plates …

A worker, the bee, six weeks

She spends her short life working. She maintains the nest, supplies and can even sometimes lay and brood. This social insect is our oldest friend. It is also a seriously endangered animal in part due to intensive agriculture, which uses pesticides.

Delicate and colorful, the dragonfly, four months

It is mainly found near ponds, ponds, and all other wetlands. This insect is equipped with four wings, two distinct pairs. An asset for getting around quickly! Indeed, the dragonfly can fly at a speed of 36 km/h.

Natural anti -paid the ladybird, barely 12 months old.

This beetle, nicknamed beast for goodness, is a beneficial polyphagous insect. The ladybug is the friend of gardeners because it naturally rids flowers and vegetable plants of sap-sucking aphids. And them, how long do they live?

Autumnal pest, the aphid, 18 days

This insect sucks the sap from young plants and transmits diseases to individual cereal plants. It is, therefore, responsible for a considerable drop in yields. With its small size of barely 10 mm long, it is a massive destroyer. So do not hesitate to breed ladybug larvae to overcome aphids naturally.

Gene carrier, the drone, 1 or 2 months

This insect is the male of the bee. He was born from an unfertilized egg! This is called gamophasic parthenogenesis. The drone does not maintain the hive. On the other hand, his mission is to mate with a queen. A few seconds after having accomplished his duty, he dies, leaving his reproductive organ riveted to Beauty.

The worker, the ant, a few months

The lifespan of ants varies considerably depending on the species, from a few months to several decades. The ant is a eusocial insect, like the bee, since it lives in groups divided into castes. She has a great propensity to collaborate with her fellows. The working class and lifts to 50 times its weight. This insect is useful because it protects certain varieties of trees from pests. In Italy, there is an ant that eats more than 14,000 tonnes of insects in one year (yes, fourteen thousand)! Worker, no doubt; greedy, that’s for sure!

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