What is the highest peak in the world, and where is it located?

Want to push your limits? Want to climb summits? Soar above the seas of clouds of the world’s tallest mountain? Here’s a roundup of the world’s tallest mountains and highest peak to get some altitude.

And while Everest is constantly remembered, other lesser-known mountains are also worthy of the charts. Make way for majesty!


Which continent is home to the highest peaks in the world?

Annapurna Nepal highest peak in the world


Unsurprisingly, Asia wins when it comes to height. The Himalayan range and its extensions to Pakistan and China offer us the ten highest peaks globally, all reaching over 8,000 meters.

Here are the Top 10 guaranteed vertigo and names that are difficult to pronounce or memorize!

Annapurna I (Nepal) – N ° 10 – 8091m considered the French mountain because it is the first 8000 made by two of our fellow citizens, it is about Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal in 1950. The first left his fingers there, and the second the feet for the anecdote.

Nanga Parbat (Pakistan) – N ° 9 – 8126m

Manaslu (Nepal) – N ° 8 – 8163m

Dhaulagiri (Nepal) – N ° 7 – 8167m

Cho Oyu (Tibet / China / Nepal) – N ° 6 – 8201m

Makalu (Nepal / China) – N ° 5 – 8485m

Lhotse (Tibet / China / Nepal) – N ° 4 – 8516m

Kangchenjunga (Nepal / India) – N ° 3 – 8586m

K2 (Pakistan / China) – N ° 2 – 8611m

Everest (Nepal / Tibet / China) – N ° 1 – 8848m

It is the tallest mountain in the world. While the peaks above have their share of deaths, Everest is well above average … 200 deaths for 14,000 climbs.

Small note:

The remains of the dead climbers are frozen on the heights. Indeed, it is too dangerous to risk lives to bring down bodies due to the altitude and the conditions. It throws a chill, doesn’t it?

During the tourist season (only 25 days a year), the snow-capped solitudes are trodden by 200 people a day! Yes, it is not necessarily at the highest peak in the world that you are the most peaceful. Don’t forget the cost of the experience either.

Everest Nepal highest peak in the world


What about the other continents in terms of altitude?
Aconcagua Argentina highest peak in the world
If we are talking about the highest peak in the world, we must also mention South America, which offers beautiful heights:

Aconcagua (Argentina) – 6962m.

Nevado Ojos del Salado (Argentina / Chile) – 6893m.

Monte Pissis (Argentina) – 6793m.

Nevado Sajama (Bolivia) – 6542m.

Nevado Illimani (Bolivia) – 6438m.

Ancohuma (Bolivia) – 6427m.

There are many other peaks around 5000-6000 and a few meters, mainly in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. In terms of heights, South America is therefore well served.

Let’s name, all the same, the smallest Chimborazo, which we will talk about later.

Chimborazo (Ecuador) – 6268 m.

Keep this name in mind. There is more to see than it looks despite its less impressive size against the Himalayan giants.

And what about iconic peaks in other latitudes? What if the tallest mountain in the world was hiding somewhere other than the Himalayan range?

Here is a list of peaks, vital because they are rich in meaning for the populations that rub shoulders with them and legendary in their way, regardless of their height compared to the highest peaks in the world listed previously.

Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) – 5892m. Minor in front of Annapurna I, which closes our top 10 of the world’s highest mountains, this peak rises, snow-capped, in the middle of expanses of savannah. Magic, isn’t it? Queen of Africa, this mountain is its highest point.

Mount Elbrus (Turkey) – 5642m. Here again, greatness is not necessarily only in meters but also in history. It is said that it was on this Mount that Noah’s ark ran aground and that the ship’s remains are still up there, frozen in the ice. It is also here that Prometheus is said to have been chained by Zeus.

Denali – ex Mount MacKingley (Canada) – 6140m. Appearances can be deceptive. Despite its seemingly smaller size than Everest, the Denali wins over Everest! In what? Its volume is greater than that of its Himalayan competitor!

Puncak Jaya (Indonesia) – 4884m. It is Climbed for the first time in 1962. This summit is almost inaccessible, which makes it so legendary and attractive. There is one of the rare glaciers present in the equatorial zone!

Mauna Kea (Hawaii – USA) – 4207m. Like the Chimborazo earlier, suspend your judgment, we will return to this volcano, which rises above the Pacific islands’ turquoise waves.

Chimborazo Ecuador highest peak in the world


What is the highest peak in Europe?
my white Europe
And what about our old storyline? Are our mountains, like our people, ageing and eroded? Which is the highest summit in Europe?

If you remember your geography lessons, there are no surprises for you!

And yes, it is obviously about Mont Blanc, located in Haute-Savoie, in the South-East of France. Far from being one of the highest peaks in the world, but in Europe, yes!

Mont Blanc (France) – 4810 m.

Unfortunately, this mountain is threatened by global warming with several glaciers as we could see this summer by the formation, continually more repeated of lakes on the glaciers.

Be careful, depending on the geographical (and political) taken into account of Turkey in the European space. Our good old Mont Blanc would then be beaten by the Mont Elbrouz referenced above!

I measure altitude: a whole debate around the title of the highest mountain in the world!
Mauna kea united states highest peak in the world.
Mauna_Kea_United States
Mauna kea vs Everest
Who would have said that such a rehashed truth could pose a problem? And yet!

The cause? There are three ways to measure a mountain, and each will give very different results depending on our summits, which can be problematic to define the highest peak in the world:

Calculation from sea level

Calculation from its base

Or the calculation from the centre of the Earth
Before we go into details, a little reminder: Altitude is the elevation of a point vertically.

Calculating the altitude from sea level is problematic due to movements, tides, and the sea’s salinity, which affects its level. Yet it is the most widely used reference, and according to which Everest is the world’s highest point.
Calculating the height of a mountain from its base seems logical. This makes it possible to measure its elevation above the Earth without considering whether this base itself is already raised compared to the rest of the world.

Conclusion on the highest peak in the world

With this calculation, it would no longer be Everest, the big winner of the heights but Mauna Kea, who would win the race as the highest mountain in the world !!! And yes, compared to the ground of the Pacific Island, it rises to 10,200 m!
If you calculate the distance from the centre of the Earth, again, Everest does not win. Why? The Earth is not as round as you have been told! Its movement and the liquid matter at its centre cause a small deformation: it would be slightly flattened at the poles and more bulging at the equator. This makes Chimborazo the farthest point from the centre of the Earth despite being two and a half kilometres behind Everest by sea-level calculation.
Surprising, isn’t it?

Travel is a natural source of learning! Do not wait any longer and walk around the curves of the mountains, large or small. It’s not just the size that matters.

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