Why is my dog ​​sleeping with his eyes open?

Dogs sleep a lot more than we do, don’t they? These animals need many hours of sleep, but they doze off more than they sleep most of the time. As in our case, dogs assimilate during their rest what has happened during the day and, to do this, they can put themselves in strange positions while moving their eyes and paws. Although their sleeping habits are different from ours, they can also have bad dreams or make unfamiliar faces when sleeping with their eyes open.

If you’re reading this AnimalPlanet article, you’re pretty sure your dog sometimes sleeps with his eyes open, right? Are you wondering why he is doing it and what you can do to help him? You have come to the right place because we will lift the veil on dogs that sleep with their eyes open in this article!


How do dogs sleep?

You’ve probably seen your dog sleeping in awkward positions that seem uncomfortable. In addition to these weird positions, your dog may also have a habit of rolling his eyes or shaking his paws, but why is he doing it? The main difference between the sleep behaviour of humans and dogs is the intensity of sleep. However, we have in common with them the different sleep phases, such as light sleep and deep sleep.

Although dogs have both REM and mild phases, just like humans, their sleep is more sensitive. They also need to sleep longer than us. They can fall asleep within seconds, but as fast as they fall asleep, they wake up. Their sleep time is adapted to our sleep routine when, in reality, dogs have their natural sleep patterns.

How many hours does a dog sleep?

Our dog friends can sleep 10 to 20 hours a day. How many hours a dog sleeps depends a lot on his age and the physical and mental exercise he gets during the day. Also, they don’t always sleep soundly but tend to take a nap during the day to be on their four legs at all times.

Why is my dog ​​sleeping with his eyes open? – How do dogs sleep?
Why is my dog ​​sleeping with his eyes open?
Dogs sometimes sleep with their eyes open or half-open, but usually, you don’t have to worry. This behaviour comes from their ancestors, who lived in nature and had to be vigilant, even when they were resting.

Dogs have developed a technique that allows them to rest with their eyes open or half-open while being aware of their surroundings. As can be seen, there is no need to worry, as this is an entirely natural and instinctive behaviour. They slowly move their eyes or blink eyes not to dry them out when they are opened while sleeping.

Although in most cases you don’t have to worry, sometimes this behaviour can indicate other problems. If your dog’s pupils are relaxed, your dog is probably in great shape and dreaming. But if they are fixed, dilated, and his eyes are wide open, he might be having a seizure.

Observe your dog closely and if he also starts to moan and howl, make sure he is in a safe place where he cannot fall or injure himself. At this point, you can only wait for it to pass. Then consult a veterinarian to find out the reason for these seizures.

My dog ​​rolls his eyes when he sleeps.

Have you ever noticed that your dog rolls his eyes? Do not worry! When a dog falls asleep or already sleeps soundly, he often rolls his eyes. What should I do if my dog ​​rolls his eyes while sleeping? Nothing! This usually happens when the dog has put himself in a position that pulls the skin off his head and when he opens his eyelids while sleeping, the white of the eye appears.

Your dog may also be trying to stay awake and leaving his eyes open. If your dog rolls his eyes when he sleeps, it is not a health problem, it just means that he is happy and relaxed, as we explain to you in this other article on dog postures.

How do I know if my dog ​​is sleeping well?

Just like us, dogs need to sleep to replenish their energy. A good night’s sleep is essential for your best friend. Because sleep is their way of digesting their adventures and what happened to them during the day. This means that after a day of activities, he can have a restless sleep. If he shakes his paws or frowns, that doesn’t mean inevitably. He has nightmares. He is only dreaming.

Dogs are like children. They should not be woken up when they sleep, for the simple fact that they need to rest to be in a good mood. If a dog doesn’t get enough sleep. It will be more restless and less likely to learn. Thus, a dog who sleeps well will be happier, more balanced and more active during the day. Also, his sleeping positions can help you tell if he is sleeping well or not.

If your dog suddenly shakes his paws or starts crying in his sleep, he may be having a nightmare. Watch him, but be careful if you want to wake him up. If he really has a nightmare and you wake him up too suddenly, he might get scared and bite you.

Tips to help your dog sleep well

Certain factors improve or deteriorate the depth and efficiency of your dog’s sleep. The following tips will help you make sure your dog sleeps well:
Physical and mental exercise: Physical activity helps your dog to be able to rest and relax. It is not just physical exercise that tires your dog. Mental education is also critical, such as clicker training, agility and mantrailing (guardian tracking).

Avoid stress:

If your dog is sleeping poorly or does not want to sleep, he may be stressed. Stressed dogs need a place that is safe, dark, and free from distractions.

Maintain a Routine:

Dogs are routine animals, and if you go to bed at the same time every day, you give your dog a sense of security that will allow him to sleep better. Keep in mind that you need to include on-time meals and scheduled walks in your routine.

A good bed:

It is also crucial that you provide a comfortable place to sleep. There are several dog baskets available. Try to find one that will suit your best friend the best!
Why is my dog ​​sleeping with his eyes open? – How do I know if my dog ​​is sleeping well?
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