Did the Aborigines Really Invent the Boomerang?

According to available evidence, Australian aboriginal tribes weren’t the only ones in history to ever invent and use a boomerang. Boomerangs were already in use by ancient Egyptians about 4000 years ago, as a hunting weapon. In the same manner, they were also used by a number of indian tribes in North America(mainly Navajo).

File:Boomerangs - melbourne show 2005.jpg

Painted boomerangs in Melbourne(Fir0002/Flagstaffotos)

Contrary to popular belief, primary advantage of the boomerang is actually not the well-known ability to return back to the thrower, but that the boomerangs usually fly much further when compared to straight, conventional pieces of wood. Most of the returning boomerangs were used just for practising, ”true” boomerangs used for hunting were never designed to return back to the thrower.


Wall painting from ancient Egyptian tomb, depicting the usage of a boomerang-like weapon for bird hunting

Little Known Fact: If boomerangs always returned back, Australian army in the First World War would probably think twice before using boomerangs equipped with hand grenades in combat. You can still see some of these in the Australian Army Infantry Museum, Singleton.

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