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Do you have a pet, and are you considering insuring it? Our experts tell you what dog and cat insurance typically covers in this comprehensive article. We also tell you how to act in veterinary emergencies if you do not have pet insurance currently in force.


Dog and cat insurance

First of all, you must know that cats are not required to be insured in any area of ​​Spain. The same is true of non-dangerous dogs. On the other hand, those of potentially dangerous breeds must always be insured, and in Madrid, you have to take out civil liability insurance for all dogs.

There are many different rates, as it happens with people, since this has a lot to do with our hiring coverage. We find the primary option of civil liability that usually covers possible damages to third parties, such as if your dog causes the fall to another person. This type of insurance usually has a price of between 35 and 30 euros per year, although there are those with broader coverage that can exceed 200 euros per year.

It is interesting to insure our pets because if they do any damage or cause an accident, the legal responsibility will fall on us. If you have home insurance, dogs that are not potentially dangerous can be insured with this payroll, while otherwise, it is best to request specific insurance or civil liability.

Pet insurance

These pet insurance usually also include euthanasias, the elimination of the animal’s corpse, and this type of delicate matter. Of course, we are talking about euthanasias recommended by the veterinarian that will be practiced to avoid more suffering to the animal and as long as it is not. There is no possible cure or alternative to it.

This type of insurance also always covers animals if you are going on a short trip within Europe, either for holidays or work. Regarding civil liability, it is essential to bear in mind that the insurer will always defend the insured’s interests, assuming all expenses.

What to do in a veterinary emergency if I do not have pet insurance?

On the other hand, if you do not have pet insurance and have a veterinary emergency, you can also go to any veterinary clinic where they have 24-hour troubles. However, you must be clear that the medical costs derived from this type of treatment can be high.

The exciting idea is to resort to to avoid having to alter your monthly financial balance with these types of setbacks since you will obtain the money that is necessary to cure your pet. At the same time, you manage to continue with your everyday life to return it later in comfortable deadlines. Personal loans are the best alternative to cope with unforeseen expenses without this having us displace the budget for the month as much as possible.

Online veterinary assistance

If you have one of these emergencies, you can go to a 24-hour veterinary clinic, one that is on call, or request the services of a home veterinarian or a mobile veterinary clinic. These types of vehicles are exciting and also help save the lives of many pets, making them an excellent option to attend to emergencies if we know that they may be close to us (for example, if we live in a city). We can’t move to our pet because of the delicate nature of his situation.

Finally, on a practical level, online veterinary assistance is undoubtedly one of the best things that exist because it allows you to consult about different unforeseen events with your pet (indigestion, mood swings) that are not serious enough to go to the emergency room but usually worry most owners.

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