Historical mysteries that were finally solved thanks to modern science

Here are some of the most iconic discoveries in history that changed the course and future of humanity

If there is one thing humanity can be thankful for, it is that there is so much to know in the world. There are countless secrets and mysteries to discover and solve that make it impossible for humanity to get bored of exploring and knowing this beautiful planet.

History has left numerous mysteries that scientists have not been able to understand today. However, thanks to new technologies, a small part of these mysteries have finally been solved, allowing us to understand a little more about the past and about this wonderful planet.


The mystery of Ancient Notes in 1504 Copy of Homer’s Odyssey

The Historical mysteries of Ancient Notes in 1504 Copy of Homer's Odyssey

A 500-year-old copy of Homer’s Odyssey contained mysterious handwritten notes in an unknown language. In this regard, the Italians Daniele Metilli and Giulia Accetta determined that the notes were a type of shorthand invented by Jean Coulon de Thévéno. Thanks to technological advances, the shorthand was translated: it was a French translation from Greek.

Giant stone Bosham Head

Giant stone Bosham Head

Thanks to laser scanning, the enormous 350-pound head could be identified as actually belonging to a large statue of the Roman Emperor Trojan, believed to have been welcoming travelers to the port of Chichester.

Antikythera Mechanism – The first computer

Historical mysteries of Antikythera Mechanism - The first computer

The Antikythera mechanism has been called the world’s first computer. It was found on a sunken ship around 80-50 B.C. Recently, scientists managed to discover its true purpose: it was a navigation device.

Vanished Persian army

Historical mysteries of Vanished Persian army

In 524 B.C., the army of the Persian king Cambyses II moved against the Ethiopians. More than 50,000 soldiers went to conquer the oases, but they all disappeared without a trace. A few years ago, scientists Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni found the remains of the legendary army and showed that the warriors had not disappeared, but were killed by a violent sandstorm.

Death Valley’s ‘Sailing Stones’

Death Valley's 'Sailing Stones'

All those who have seen the stones in Death Valley, California, have had the idea that they move once you stop seeing them. Ralph Lorenx demonstrated that an ice shell forms around stones during winter and that when they thaw, rocks begin to slide due to winds.

Ricardo III

Ricardo III’s tomb had been considered lost when a private businessman bought the monastery in which he was buried. However, scientists from the University of Leicester managed to find the grave, and thanks to a DNA test, they verified that the remains found really belonged to Ricardo III.

Ancient Viking Crucifix

Ancient Viking Crucifix

In 2016 Dennis Holm was on Fiona Island with his metal detector when he found a solid gold pendant representing what was later determined to be Jesus on the cross. This would come to be the oldest symbol of Christianity in Denmark. Now the find is on display at the Viking Museum in Ladby, and the history of Christianity is being rewritten accordingly.

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