Eight reasons to visit Cabarceno Park

Seven hundred and fifty hectares make up what is known as the Cabárceno Nature Park, an area where animals coexist in semi-freedom, and each corner of nature invites us to live a truly unforgettable safari. From its rock formations to its bird and sea lion shows, here we tell you why you should go to this park at least once in your life.


Nature catches you

You will never experience anything similar anywhere else. The more than 20 kilometers of the route will immerse you in an adventure where at every step, you can find dazzling rock formations, bison, and elephants generally moving through the savannah and. If you stop at any of the place’s viewpoints, perhaps you can experience a fantastic sunset sun.

Animals are protagonists

If going to a zoo is more rewarding than watching an animal documentary, imagine being able to interact with them in their natural space. Jaguars, zebras, buffalos, elephants, hyenas, lions, tigers, wolves, gorillas, and immense etcetera make Cabárceno Park take us to the forests of Kenya or perhaps the mountainous regions of North America. The variety of its fauna is undoubtedly one of the strengths that the park enjoys.

A space for the whole family

And when we say for the whole family, we refer to the little ones, the adults, and even the grandmothers at home. The facility has taken care of the minor details, and it is worth spending a whole day in this place. In addition to the usual areas, Cabárceno has viewpoints, cafeterias, picnic areas, playgrounds, botanical routes, and restaurants.

Are you encouraging yourself to visit Cabarceno Park? If not, keep reading. We have more reasons to enable you to go.

An opportunity to educate

If you travel with children, you can include them in the various educational programs the park proposes. They will learn a little more about flora and fauna, but they will also have the opportunity to value and respect the environment. The ages for these activities range from 3 to 18 years, and in them, they will learn about the life of some animals such as gorillas and elephants and the importance of taking care of the seas and avoiding their pollution.

Raptor show

Eagles, hawks, vultures, and buzzards are some of the species that will dazzle us through an intense show where we will also have the opportunity to enjoy some exclusive activities. Such as falconry the little ones will not be able to miss as they pass through the park. Botanical routes

An essential part of the Parque de Cabárceno’s effort to protect the environment focuses on the great variety of plants that exist, especially near the most crowded places. Although we will need to travel by car to explore the entire site, it is worth stopping every so often to contemplate the beautiful birch, chestnut, walnut, and yew trees in the area, in addition to learning a little more about the characteristics of these trees so fascinating.

The reptile house

We previously mentioned the shows with sea lions and raptors, but we must also highlight the immense reptile that the park includes, where you can see some species that, for security reasons, cannot remain free to the public. Even so, the experience with cobras, vipers, and rattlesnakes is an experience that children enjoy in a big way.

Relevant scientific work

Along with the attractions and visits of animals, the Cabárceno Park develops intense scientific and research work. Although this type of activity is not open to the public, the truth is that it is interesting to know the progress made in this sense, as, for example, the research carried out recently on the sexual cycle of the female African elephant.

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